The Features That Set Our Database Apart

Biotechgate offers powerful search tools and features to provide the best possible user experience.

Search features

You can search within any part of a profile. Search by keyword or by relevant categories such as sector, indication, product phase or available opportunities for licensing. The database contains search and filter options for each of the following sections:

  •  Assets, incl. therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and technologies
  • Clinical trials
  • Companies
  • Financing rounds
  • Management and board members
  • Licensing opportunities
  • License agreements
Download Capabilities

Users can easily export data obtained from Biotechgate. All company profiles can be downloaded to a PDF. Result lists with full details for any area (such as companies, products, management) can be downloaded to Excel. Available contact details incl. email and phone numbers are included in the downloaded files.

This enables you to import contacts into your own Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Upon request we can set up a direct interface to your software.


Email Alerts and Saving Searches

With Biotechgate’s Save Search feature you can receive alerts to be informed when updates and changes have occurred within your saved search criteria. You simply save your favorite search results and turn on email alerts. This way you stay up-to-date even without being logged in to Biotechgate. There is no limit for the number of email alerts you can set.

Bookmarks and Notes

Keep control of your preferred companies, products, technologies etc. by bookmarking any section of a profile. In addition, you can add notes to each company profile which can be shared with your colleagues. Furthermore, you can add searchable tags to profiles, such as "potential client", "competitor" etc.

Access Biotechgate through our API

Biotechgate offers an application programming interface (API) to access company data in our business development database. This way, it is possible to connect your CRM directly with Biotechgate and have it update automatically. The API allows you to load and retrieve data based on a single company ID or by specific search criteria, such as company name or the date of the latest update.

Biotechgate API

An API request returns all relevant business development data that is available for each company profile, including:

  • Company name, address and primary contact
  • Industry categorization and indication areas
  • Details about therapeutics incl. development phase
  • Diagnostics, medical devices and technologies used
  • Management contact details
  • Financing rounds

The API is based on the Swagger OpenAPI framework which is a standard for RESTful API design. We are happy to provide developers with a YAML file that describes the interface in detail and allows you to generate API client files in all common programming languages.

To use the API, you need an enterprise premium subscription to Biotechgate. Please contact us for more information and to get a quote for your business.

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