Postdoctoral Associate Position in Tumor Immunology / Immunotherapy at the Duke Cancer Institute.

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Employer: Duke University
Location: United States
Publication date: 18 Oct 2017
The Hanks Lab is a basic/translational research lab in the Duke Cancer Institute with an interest in understanding cancer immune evasion and immunotherapy resistance. We are seeking a motivated, hardworking Post-Doctoral Candidate with a background in immunology to lead projects focused on understanding the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts and the tumor microenvironment on immunotherapy resistance in pancreatic cancer. This will be a two year minimum position affiliated with Dr. John Strickler and the GI Oncology Program. The short-term primary goal will be to obtain preliminary data for future successful grant applications. The candidate will be expected to work independently but capable of collaborating with other lab members in a team environment while also assisting with grant proposal writing. Recent Ph.D. graduates will be preferred. • PhD Degree with a background in tumor immunology • Significant experience in multi-parameter flow cytometry and in the design of cell-based assays • Significant experience working with murine cancer models • Previous experience conducting RNAseq experiments and utilizing bioinformatics techniques will be preferred • Additional experience utilizing in vivo imaging modalities to monitor cancer development will be preferred • Previous grant writing experience will be preferred • Additional expertise in other laboratory techniques related to molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell signaling research will also be considered • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English with good organizational and analytical abilities • Capable of working independently on assigned projects while thriving in a team-based environment Interested candidates should send CVs to Dr. Brent A. Hanks at [link to] for consideration. Select candidates will undergo a phone interview and finalists will be interviewed in-person at Duke University.
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