Investor Database

Identify Investors that fit with your Company’s Business Model

Find investors that are interested in what you have to offer:

  • Define your investor preferences by filtering through the sectors, therapeutic area, product development phase etc.
  • Match the investors’ allocation size with your financing needs
  • Read the investor’s message to learn about the investment strategy
  • Easily find the appropriate contact, including their email and telephone number

The Biotechgate Investor Database is maintained by our collaboration partner Life Science Nation (LSN). Mention LSN when reaching out to an investor.

Find an investor that suits your company now

What Information is available

The Investor Database provides you with all the necessary information you need for your investment search:

  • Investor Mandates: Learn what projects an investor is currently looking for
  • Personal Contact: Get to know which person to approach (incl. email and phone)
  • Investment preferences: Be informed about the investors’ focus
  • Investor Profile: Get all key information about an investor incl. address and business description

How to contact an Investor

You will find all necessary contact information in the investor’s profile. For most of the profiles we even provide personal contact information incl. email and phone number.

The Investor profiles are maintained by our collaboration partner Life Science Nation (LSN). Mention LSN when contacting an investor.

How we collect the Data

Our methodology and process to build the Investor Database revolves around analyzing all the actual public and private investment and financial round information we could find over the past 10 years. This project netted us with thousands unique firms that have been involved in direct Life Science investment over the last decade.

All the investor profiles are validated and updated by our analysts on a regular basis. As an additional value, we call them and ask them about their investment preferences and what projects they are currently looking for. This detailed information is summarized as “Active Mandates”.