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RxCap Partners with Centor, a Gerresheimer Company, to Provide Prescription Medication Compliance SmartCaps to Pharmacies

BOSTON, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- RxCap, Inc., a cloud service for premium medication adherence data and Centor, a Gerresheimer Company, a leading global partner for the pharma and healthcare industries, today announced a nationwide referral partnership. The partnership integrates RxCap's medical prescription SmartCaps and corresponding data services with Centor's prescription packaging to help drive better patient outcomes through pharmacies.

RxCap's adherence solutions enable real-time patient medication utilization data for pharmacists, doctors, clinicians and healthcare corporations enabling patients and their families to focus on their health. Pharmacies across the USA and Canada are now able to consult with their Centor representatives and see live, real time data triggered from a smart prescription cap infused with RxCap patented technology. Pharmacists can now more accurately monitor critical care clients remotely through their prescription compliance.

"Prior to the RxCap solution, pharmacists were solely dependent on the patient's self-reporting to track medication adherence. The RxCap products and platform are groundbreaking for pharmacists and patients to help achieve better outcomes" said Patrick O'Connell, Vice President of Centor. "At Centor, we are always looking for ways to improve adherence and patients' trust in our products. Our 1-Clic packaging is the industry standard for safe prescription dispensing and by partnering with RxCap, we are able to bring advanced prescription adherence technology to our pharmacy customers and their patients" added Patrick O'Connell.

"We are energized by the partnership and recent training with the Centor sales teams," Said Sreeram Ramakrishnan, CEO of RxCap. "Connecting our SmartCap with the leading Centor 1-Clic® child resistant vial for prescription adherence enables a new level of data accuracy for patients and Pharmacists. All Centor sales reps now have the RxCap SmartCap to demo and provide to Pharmacies for trial usage with patients with the 1-Clic vial. Our cost effective, real time, remote prescription services enable Pharmacists to see actual compliance data and pinpoint medication issues before they become critical" continued Sreeram Ramakrishnan of RxCap. "The ability to partner with a global leader like Centor Gerresheimer delivers industry wide innovation to improve patient results."

About Gerresheimer and Centor:

Gerresheimer is a leading global supplier to the pharma and healthcare industries, offering glass, plastic, and medical device products. The company's innovative products, solutions and processes contribute to health and well-being, driving innovation and digitalization throughout the organization. In striving into the digital and connected world, Gerresheimer's focus is towards a more patient-centric healthcare system that contributes to the well-being of patients. The offering of more innovative and intelligent solutions for the application and use of their products is paramount. Gerresheimer has worldwide operations and over 11,000 employees.

Centor is the world's largest supplier of regulatory compliant prescription containers for medication dispensing. Focused on safety to protect against accidental drug ingestions while maintaining customer ease of use, Centor meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for child resistant packaging and United States Pharmacopeia standards for light transmission and moisture vapor resistance. Centor is the preferred manufacturer for robotic pharmacy automation for consistent product quality, throughput efficiency and machine compatibility.

About RxCap:

RxCap, Inc. is a Boston-based prescription adherence technology corporation enabling better patient outcomes. RxCap provides medical prescription compliance and adherence products with data services to healthcare corporations. Through our broad hardware portfolio, platform and APIs, RxCap enables our clients to deliver intelligent care management services.

Press Contact: Ethan Alexander, CRO


SOURCE RxCap, Inc.

By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 13 May 2021
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