Solutions for Big Pharma

Biotechgate gives you access to over 45,000 licensing opportunities and assets at all development stages - providing relevant business opportunities to pharma companies.

  • Biotechgate has a strong focus on small, private companies that you can’t find in other databases
  • Identify licensing opportunities (assets or technologies) tailored to your needs and geographical interest
  • Explore company pipelines in all phases and therapeutic areas
  • Track your competitors
  • See how other Pharmas and Medtechs structure their deals
  • Join our digital partnering events, arrange one-on-one meetings and join workshops and networking sessions
Enhance your business development with Biotechgate

«We have used Biotechgate for a year now and we have been very satisfied with the system so far. It has provided us with an enormous amount of business intelligence of our marketplace.»

Chris Huiskamp, Managing Partner at Sourcia